Optical and Fiber Communications Reports

Book Series
There are 8 volumes in this series
Published 2005 - 2019

About this series

The Optical and Fiber Communications Reports (OFCR) book series provides high-quality monographs, edit volumes and textbooks in the multidisciplinary areas of optics, information science and electrical engineering. Each book is contributed from leading research scientists that gives an up-to-date and broad-spectrum overview of various subjects.

The main topics of this series will include, but not restricted to:

  • fibers and fiber-based devices
  • information optics, optical and quantum communication
  • optoelectronic imaging and multimedia technology
  • optical metrology and testing
  • virtual reality and display technologies
  • broadband lasers
  • optical switching (MEMS or others)
  • polarization and chromatic mode dispersion and compensation
  • long-haul transmission
  • optical networks (LAN, MAN, WAN)
  • further topics of contemporary interest.

Including both general information and a highly technical presentation of the results, this series satisfies the needs of scientists and graduates in the academic community as well as professionals and experts from industry. Books in this series establish themselves as comprehensive guides and reference texts following the impressive evolution of this area of science and technology.