Studies in Economic Design

Book Series
There are 6 volumes in this series
Published 2002 - 2019

About this series

The book series Studies in Economic Design offers an outlet for scientific results from the study of economic, social and political institutions and mechanisms leading to the creative design of suitable legal-economic instruments.

Economic Design comprises the creative art and science of inventing, analyzing and testing economic as well as social and political institutions and mechanisms aimed at achieving individual objectives and social goals. The accumulated traditions and wealth of knowledge in normative and positive economics and the strategic analysis of Game Theory are applied with novel ideas in the creative tasks of designing and assembling diverse legal-economic instruments. These include constitutions and other assignments of rights, mechanisms for allocation or regulation, tax and incentive schemes, contract forms, voting and other choice aggregation procedures, markets, auctions, organizational forms such as partnerships and networks, together with supporting membership and other property rights, and information systems, including computational aspects.

The series was initially started in 2002 and with its relaunch in 2017 seeks to incorporate recent developments in the field and highlight topics for future research in Economic Design.