Heat and Mass Transfer

Book Series
There are 28 volumes in this series
Published 1999 - 2019

About this series

Heat and mass transfer occur in coupled form in most production processes and chemical-engineering applications of a physical, chemical, biological or medical nature. Very often they are associated with boiling, condensation and combustion processes and also with fluids and their flow fields. Hence rheological behavior and dissipative heating also play a role.

The increasing interplay of experimental research and computer-assisted evaluation and analysis methods has led to new results, which not only confirm empirical representations and their physical interpretation but, in addition, extend their previously limited applications significantly.

The series covers all fields of heat and mass transfer, presenting the interrelationships between scientific foundations, experimental techniques, model-based analysis of results and their transfer to technological applications. The authors are all leading experts in their fields.

Heat and Mass Transfer addresses professionals and researchers, students and teachers alike. It aims to provide both basic knowledge and practical solutions, while also fostering discussion and drawing attention to the synergies that are essential to start new research projects.