Advances in Computing Science

Book Series
There are 4 volumes in this series
Published 1997 - 1999

About this series

New Series Advances in Computing Science Springer-Verlag Wien New York starts a new series: Advances in Computing Science. The title has been chosen to emphasize its scope: "computing science" comprises all aspects of science and mathematics relating to the computing process. The series will include contributions from a wide range of disciplines - numerical analysis, discrete mathematics and system theory, natural sciences, engineering, information science, electronics, and naturally, computer science itself. Contributions in form of monographs or collections of articles dealing with advances in any aspect of the computing process, or its applications are welcome. They should be written in English, concise and theoretically sound, resulting for example from research projects, advanced workshops and conferences. The books within the series will address not only the specialist in a particular field but also the general scientific audience.