Shock Wave and High Pressure Phenomena

Book Series
There are 41 volumes in this series
Published 1993 - 2021

About this series

Shock Wave and High Pressure Phenomena

The Springer book series on Shock Wave and High Pressure Phenomena comprises monographs and multi-author volumes containing either original material or reviews of subjects within the field. All states of matter are covered. Methods and results of theoretical and experimental research and numerical simulations are included, as are applications of these results. The books are intended for graduate-level students, research scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Subjects of interest include properties of materials at both the continuum and microscopic levels, physics of high rate deformation and flow, chemically reacting flows and detonations, wave propagation and impact phenomena.

The following list of subject areas further delineates the purview of the series. In all cases entries in the list are to be interpreted as applying to nonlinear wave propagation and high pressure phenomena. Development of experimental

methods is not identified specifically, being regarded as a normal part of research in all areas of interest.


Material Properties
Equation of state including chemical and phase composition, ionization, etc.
Constitutive equations for inelastic deformation
Fracture and fragmentation
Dielectric and magnetic properties
Optical properties and radiation transport
Metallurgical effects

Physics of Deformation and Flow

Dislocation physics, twinning, and other microscopic deformation mechanisms
Shear banding
Mesoscale effects in solids
Turbulence in fluids
Microfracture and cavitation

Detonation of condensed explosives and gases
Initiation and growth of reaction
Detonation wave structures
Explosive materials

Wave Propagation and Impact Phenomena in Solids
Shock and decompression wave propagation
Shock wave structure

Penetration mechanics

Chemically Reacting Flows
Blast waves
Multiphase flow

Numerical Simulation and Mathematical Theory
Mathematical methods
Wave propagation codes
Molecular dynamics

Material modification and synthesis
Military ordnance
Geophysics and planetary science
Aerospace and Industrial applications
Protective materials and structures