Palgrave Studies in Marketing, Organizations and Society

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2019 - 2019

About this series

This book series will focus on the broader contributions of marketing to the firm and to society at large. It takes a focus more consistent with the original reasons the marketing discipline was founded, the creation of efficient systems through with societies provision themselves and match supply with the needs of a diverse market. First, it looks at the contribution of marketing to the firm, or more broadly, to the organization (recognizing that marketing plays a role in not-for-profit organizations, governments, and other organization, in addition to for-profit commercial businesses). Marketing plays a pivotal and unique role in the creation and management of intangible assets such as brands, customer lists and customer loyalty, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and specialized knowledge. Second, the series explores the broader contributions of marketing to the larger society of which it is a part. The societal effect of the modern firm, largely through the development of markets, can be seen in the per capita growth of GDP in Western Europe between 1350 and 1950. During this period, per capita GDP increased by almost 600%, while remaining virtually unchanged in China and India during the same. Marketing has played an important role in the improvement of the quality of life through increasing the number, nature and variety products and services, the improvement of the quality and convenience of these product and services, and by making these products and services more readily accessible to larger numbers of persons.  The series will examine ways in which marketing has been employed in the service of social welfare—to promote healthy behaviors, family planning, environmentally friendly behavior, responsible behavior, and economic development. More information about this series at