Rhizosphere Biology

Book Series
There are 4 volumes in this series
Published 2019 - 2020

About this series

The Series Rhizosphere Biology, emphasizes on the different aspects of Rhizosphere. Major increase in agricultural productivity, to meet growing food demands of human population is imperative, to survive in the future. Along with methods of crop improvement, an understanding of the rhizosphere biology, and the ways to manipulate it, could be an innovative strategy to deal with this demand of increasing productivity. This Series would provide comprehensive information for researchers, and encompass all aspects in field of rhizosphere biology. It would comprise of topics ranging from the classical studies to the most advanced application being done in the field. Rhizoshpere is a dynamic environment, and a series of processes take place to create a congenial environment for plant to grow and survive. There are factors which might hamper the growth of plants, resulting in productivity loss, but, the mechanisms are not very clear. Understanding the rhizosphere is needed, in order to create opportunities for researchers to come up with robust strategies to exploit the rhizosphere for sustainable agriculture.
There are titles already available in the market in the broad area of rhizosphere biology, but there is a major lack of information as to the functions and future applications of this field. These titles have not given all the up-to-date information required by the today’s researchers and therefore, this Series aims to fill out those gaps.