Ocular Trauma


Ocular trauma can be a serious threat to vision, especially if not medically intervened appropriately and in a timely fashion. Immediate and accurate diagnosis and effective treatment is the key to save the eyes and visual function, as well as a great challenge to ophthalmologists, especially emergency doctors. This book series is designed to help the doctors and clinical practitioners have a thorough understanding of ophthalmic emergencies and a mastery of every details of ocular trauma. To do the best, it is required that the ER doctors have solid theoretical knowledge about the anatomy of the eye and basic skills in ophthalmic operations. For that reason, “Anatomy and examination of ocular trauma” is believed to be necessary and fundamental for this book series. Beyond this, familiarity with the emergency room and efficient protocol will be helpful for the doctors to give treatment in the first time, and it will also be an important part of this book series. Almost all the aspects and details of ocular trauma will be covered in this book series, including mechanical and non-mechanical ocular trauma. Special topics of complicated situations, such as ciliary body impairment, will also be introduced in this book series. Hopefully the readers will enjoy it and find it helpful for them to provide better care to the patients and save vision.