Learning Materials in Biosciences

Book Series
There are 29 volumes in this series
Published 2016 - 2021

About this series

Learning Materials in Biosciences textbooks compactly and concisely discuss a specific biological, biomedical, biochemical, bioengineering or cell biologic topic. The textbooks in this series are based on lectures for upper-level undergraduates, master’s and graduate students, presented and written by authoritative figures in the field at leading universities around the globe.

The titles are organized to guide the reader to a deeper understanding of the concepts covered.

Each textbook provides readers with fundamental insights into the subject and prepares them to independently pursue further thinking and research on the topic. Colored figures, step-by-step protocols and take-home messages offer an accessible approach to learning and understanding.

In addition to being designed to benefit students, Learning Materials textbooks represent a valuable tool for lecturers and teachers, helping them to prepare their own respective coursework.