Journal of Brand Management: Advanced Collections

Book Series
There are 3 volumes in this series
Published 2017 - 2017

About this series

The Journal of Brand Management (JBM) has established itself as a leading journal in the field. Published by Palgrave it encompasses contributions from both academics and practitioners and covers topics such as luxury branding, research methods and corporate branding to name a few. The Journal of Brand Management: Advanced Collections series provides definitive and comprehensive coverage of broad subject areas. Books in the series are ideally used on PhD programmes or by upper level students looking for rigorous academic material on a popular subject area, and for scholars and discerning practitioners, acting as ‘advanced introductions.’

Organised thematically the series covers historically popular topics along with new and burgeoning areas that the journal has been instrumental in developing, showcasing the incremental and substantial contributions that the journal has provided. Each book is guest edited by a leading figure in the field alongside the Journal Editors

who will provide a new leading article that will cover the current state of research in the specific area.