Governance and Public Management

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There are 31 volumes in this series
Published 2008 - 2021

About this series

IIAS Series: Governance and Public ManagementInternational Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS)  Setting the Governance Agenda WorldwideWebsite:
Edited by Paul JoyceTo cover the diversity of its members, the IIAS has set up four sub-entities:– The EGPA (European Group for Public Administration)– The IASIA (International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration)– The LAGPA (Latin American Group for Public Administration)– The AGPA (Asian Group for Public Administration)
Governance and Public Management SeriesThis IIAS series of books on Governance and Public Management has a focus and breadth that reflects the concerns of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences. The Institute, which was set up in 1930, involves academics and governments from all around the world. The Institute’s work involves supporting both practitioners and academics, which it does by encouraging the production of relevant knowledge on public governance and public management and by facilitating its dissemination and utilization.It is the intention of the series to include books that are forward-looking, have an emphasis on theory and practice, are based on sound understanding of empirical reality, and offer ideas and prescriptions for better public governance and public management.  This means the books will include not only facts about causes and effects, but also include ideas for actions and strategies that have positive consequences for the future of public governance and management.  The books will offer a point of view about responses to the big challenges facing public governance and management over the next decade, such as sustainable development, the climate crisis, technological change and artificial intelligence (A.I.), poverty, social exclusion, international cooperation, and open government.

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