History of Analytic Philosophy

Book Series
There are 31 volumes in this series
Published 2007 - 2019

About this series

Series editor: Michael Beaney, Professor für Geschichte der analytischen Philosophie, Institut für Philosophie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, and Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, King's College London, UK.

The main aim of this series is to create a venue for work on the history of analytic philosophy, and to consolidate the area as a major branch of philosophy. The 'history of analytic philosophy' is to be understood broadly, as covering the period from the last three decades of the nineteenth century to the end of the twentieth century, beginning with the work of Frege, Russell, Moore and Wittgenstein (who are generally regarded as its main founders) and the influences upon them, and going right up to the recent history of the analytic tradition. In allowing the 'history' to extend to the present, the aim is to encourage engagement with contemporary debates in philosophy, for example, in showing how the concerns of early analytic philosophy relate to current concerns. In focusing on analytic philosophy, the aim is not to exclude comparisons with other earlier or contemporary traditions, or consideration of figures or themes that some might regard as marginal to the analytic tradition but which also throw light on analytic philosophy. Indeed, a further aim of the series is to deepen our understanding of the broader context in which analytic philosophy developed, by looking, for example, at the roots of analytic philosophy in neo-Kantianism or British idealism, or the connections between analytic philosophy and phenomenology, or discussing the work of philosophers who were important in the development of analytic philosophy but who are now often forgotten. 

Editorial board members: · Claudio de Almeida, Pontifical Catholic University at Porto Alegre, Brazil · Maria Baghramian, University College Dublin, Ireland · Thomas Baldwin, University of York, England · Stewart Candlish, University of Western Australia · Chen Bo, Peking University, China · Jonathan Dancy, University of Reading, England · José Ferreirós, University of Seville, Spain · Michael Friedman, Stanford University, USA · Gottfried Gabriel, University of Jena, Germany · Juliet Floyd, Boston University, USA · Hanjo Glock, University of Zurich, Switzerland · Nicholas Griffin, McMaster University, Canada · Leila Haaparanta, University of Tampere, Finland · Peter Hylton, University of Illinois, USA . Jiang Yi, Beijing Normal University, China · Javier Legris, National Academy of Sciences of Buenos Aires, Argentina · Cheryl Misak, University of Toronto, Canada · Nenad Miscevic, University of Maribor, Slovenia, and Central European University, Budapest · Volker Peckhaus, University of Paderborn, Germany · Eva Picardi, University of Bologna, Italy · Erich Reck, University of California at Riverside, USA · Peter Simons, Trinity College, Dublin · Thomas Uebel, University of Manchester, England.