Palgrave Series in Bioethics and Public Policy

Book Series
There are 3 volumes in this series
Published 2015 - 2017

About this series

Biotechnology continues to impact populations in myriad ways influencing contemporary issues in food supply, genetic therapy, health care, biosecurity, terrorism, criminal justice, food supply, and environmental engineering among many other aspects of daily life. The 'Palgrave Series in Bioethics and Public Policy' seeks to promote interdisciplinary research that analyzes and assesses the social, environmental, and moral ramifications of where this technology is taking us. With a wide range of topics within bioethics open to the series, the project will provide a home for cutting-edge research that bridges the divide between the natural and social sciences. Based on the strengths in these fields within Palgrave, and Macmillan Science and Higher Education more broadly, this series will attract a dynamic and varied assortment of scholars to provide comprehensive evaluations of where biotechnology is taking our society-and most importantly, if these directions are being forged appropriately and ethically.