Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy

Book Series
There are 9 volumes in this series
Published 2015 - 2018

About this series

The death of Louis XVI on the scaffold in 1793 did not mark the beginning of theend of monarchy. What followed was a Long Nineteenth Century during whichmonarchical systems continued to be politically and culturally dominant both inEurope and beyond. They shaped political cultures and became a reference pointfor debates on constitutional government as well as for understandings of politicalliberalism. Within multinational settings monarchy offered an alternative tocentralised national states. Not even the cataclysms of the twentieth century couldwipe monarchy completely off the political, mental and emotional maps.
Palgrave Studies in Modern Monarchy reflects the vibrancy of research into this topicby bringing together monographs and edited collections exploring the history ofmonarchy in Europe and the world in the period after the end of the ancien régime.Committed to a scholarly approach to the royal past, the series is open in terms ofgeographical and thematic coverage, welcoming studies examining any aspect of anypart of the modern monarchical world.
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