Palgrave Studies In Play, Performance, Learning, and Development

Book Series
There are 5 volumes in this series
Published 2016 - 2021

About this series

This series showcases research, theory and practice linking play and performance to learning and development across the life span. Bringing the concerns of play theorists and performance practitioners together with those of educational and developmental psychologists and counsellors coincides with the increasing professional and public recognition that changing times require a reconceptualization of what it means to develop, to learn and to teach. In particular, outside of school and informal learning, the arts, and creativity are coming to be understood as essential in order to address school failure and isolation. Drawing upon existing expertise within and across disciplinary and geographical borders and theoretical perspectives, the series features collaborative projects and theoretical crossovers in the work of theatre artists, youth workers and scholars in educational, developmental, clinical and community psychology, social work and medicine—providing real world evidence of play and theatrical-type performance as powerful catalysts for social-emotional-cognitive growth and successful learning.
Advisory Board: 
Patch Adams, Founder, Gesundheit Institute, USANatalia Gajdamaschko, Simon Fraser University, Canada Kenneth Gergen, Professor, Swarthmore College, USA and Tilburg University, the Netherlands Artin Gonçu, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA James Johnson, Professor, Pennsylvania State University, USA Fernanda Liberali, Professor, Pontific Catholic University of São Paulo, Brazil Yuji Moro, Professor, University of Tsukuba, Japan Alex Sutherland, Professor, Rhodes University, South Africa Jill Vialet, Founder and CEO, Playworks, USA