Perspectives in Comparative Politics

Book Series
There are 10 volumes in this series
Published 2004 - 2016

About this series

The purpose of this series is to fill a serious gap in the literature available for the study of comparative politics by providing books that are genuinely comparative, scholarly, timely, and written for a student and general readership. The format for these books is standardized. Each has an introductory chapter, giving a historical and theoretical overview of the relationship between the subject at hand and the world of politics and government. This is followed by three case studies, in each of which the author explains the nation's political system, the history of political and state involvement, the specific topics of importance as they apply to the case, the nature of political organizations active in this domain and the tactics they employ, policies currently in place, external factors affecting policy, the degree of success of these policies, and probable future directions. The conclusion compares the three cases to each other. The books in the series are intended for use as upper-level orgraduate texts.