Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy

Book Series
There are 3 volumes in this series
Published 2013 - 2015

About this series

This series is as an academic outlet for mid-length (20,000-50,000 words) and full-length (60,000-100,000 words) exploring policy-related research on all aspects of science, technology, and/or innovation (STI). While STI is not a new topic of study by either academics or policy makers, the policy foundations of these elements of economic growth are attracting increasing attention in light of the recent global recession and, more importantly, the related increase in technology-based global competition. Of interest are aspects of STI that focus on the interface of policy and the innovation ecosystem; assessments of STI policies, cross-national comparisons of STI policies in terms of their structure and effectiveness, qualitative and quantitative estimates of the net social benefits from alternative policies from a prospective and/or retrospective perspective, and historical histories of public sector STI policy initiatives. Emphasis on demographic differences in the impact of policies is of particular interest.