Midwifery Practice

Book Series
There are 9 volumes in this series
Published 1990 - 2000

About this series

Modern midwifery practice should be based on the findings of up-to-date research which is necessarily changing and dynamic. How can it best be made available to busy practitioners and students? This series is intended to help fill the vacuum. It offers to midwives and senior student midwives a broad-ranging survey and analysis of the key research literature, and relates it to major areas of clinical practice: this link is its predominant feature. The contributors are midwives (or members of closely-related professions in a few cases) with special research interest and expertise in their fields. The structure of the books allows them to treat their subjects in depth, while making them practical, informative, topical and readable. Consideration is given to the mother's choice and to individualised care. The series should be useful to all concerned with the welfare of childbearing women.