Artificial Intelligence: Foundations, Theory, and Algorithms

Book Series
There are 7 volumes in this series
Published 2015 - 2017

About this series

Books published in this series focus on the theory and computational foundations of artificial intelligence, ideally combining a mathematically rigorous treatment of a contemporary topic in artificial intelligence with an appreciation of the relevant computational issues such as algorithmic foundations or complexity theoretic analysis. Submitted proposals should be coherent monographs, rather than collections of articles. Authoritative surveys and expositions of advanced topics are welcomed. The intended readership is research students and researchers seeking an authoritative treatment of an advanced topic in the foundations of artificial intelligence.

Topics considered include AI and operations research; constraint systems and satisfiability; knowledge representation and reasoning; machine learning and data mining; multi-agent systems and economic models in AI; planning and scheduling; preferences, utility, and decision-making; robotics and vision; search algorithms; and uncertainty handling.