Principles of Specialty Nursing

Under the auspices of the European Specialist Nurses Organisations (ESNO)


The role of the specialist nurse in Europe is still not clearly defined. Despite the fact that there have been formal training programs – e.g. for nurse anaesthetists, operating room nurses, intensive care and mental health nurses – for years now, the practices, status, duration and content of training can vary greatly from country to country. Some other specialist roles, e.g. for Diabetes, Dialysis, Urology and Oncology, have successfully been established in Europe with the help of professional transnational collaborations. Moreover, advances in medical technologies and more sophisticated treatment will not only require specialist nurses in order to ensure quality and safety of care, but will also call upon them to assume new roles in their professional field to compensate for physician shortages. Most of the available literature on specialty nursing practice currently comes from the USA, Canada, and Australia, and accordingly reflects evidence-based nursing in these countries. 
Therefore, there was and is a need to establish European evidence-based practice on the basis of different clinical experiences. This series, which encompasses books for each specialty, will shape evidence-based practice in Europe, while also integrating lessons learned from other continents. Moreover, it will contribute to clarifying the status of the specialist nurse as an advanced practice nurse.