Creativity, Heritage and the City

Book Series
There are 2 volumes in this series
Published 2017 - 2019

About this series

Cities are faced with various problems, including terrorism, energy challenges, and environmental issues, as well as inter-urban competition brought about by expanding globalization forces. What is required is to gather theoretical insights from various scientific areas, not only social science– humanities but also natural science, and connect them to the practical insights already gained through numerous efforts to deal with these issues on the ground. In this way, paradigms for urban creativity can be developed and we can start to accrue dependable practice and theoretically based intelligence that can be used for improved policymaking. The keywords for this book series are “urban creativity”, “(cultural) heritage”, and “social development”. Developing cultural and natural resources, including heritage, so as to take the lead in evaluating, implementing, and suggesting urban or regional designs that harmonize ecology, society, and people, and to further develop urban and regional culture is essential. There is a particular focus in this book series on fostering individuals who can design, manage, and direct models, technologies, and tools for promoting interfaces between such actors as policymakers, urban planners, engineers, and residents. The above-stated goals can be implemented through cooperation with international research communities and networks, international organizations, and natural history institutions, academies of science, and research institutes.