Graduate Texts in Mathematics

Book Series
There are 325 volumes in this series
Published 1950 - 2021

About this series

Graduate Texts in Mathematics bridge the gap between passive study and creative understanding, offering graduate-level introductions to advanced topics in mathematics. The volumes are carefully written as teaching aids and highlight characteristic features of the theory. Although these books are frequently used as textbooks in graduate courses, they are also suitable for individual study.


Series Editor:

Ravi Vakil, Stanford University

Advisory Board:
Alejandro Adem, University of British Columbia
David Eisenbud, University of California, Berkeley & MSRI
Brian C. Hall, University of Notre Dame 
Patricia Hersh, University of OregonJeffrey C. Lagarias, University of Michigan
Eugenia Malinnikova, Stanford UniversityKen Ono, University of Virginia
Jeremy Quastel, University of Toronto
Barry Simon, California Institute of TechnologySteven H. Weintraub, Lehigh University
Melanie Matchett Wood, Harvard University