Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Book Series
There are 32 volumes in this series
Published 1979 - 2021

About this series

Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering (STICEE) publishes the latest developments in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The intent is to cover all the main branches of Civil and Environmental Engineering, both theoretical and applied, including, but not limited to: Structural Mechanics, Steel Structures, Concrete Structures, Reinforced Cement Concrete, Civil Engineering Materials, Soil Mechanics, Ground Improvement, Geotechnical Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Health and Monitoring, Water Resources Engineering, Engineering Hydrology, Solid Waste Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Wastewater Management, Transportation Engineering, Sustainable Civil Infrastructure, Fluid Mechanics, Pavement Engineering, Soil Dynamics, Rock Mechanics, Timber Engineering, Hazardous Waste Disposal Instrumentation and Monitoring, Construction Management, Civil Engineering Construction, Surveying and GIS Strength of Materials (Mechanics of Materials), Environmental Geotechnics, Concrete Engineering, Timber Structures.
Within the scopes of the series are monographs, professional books, graduate and undergraduate textbooks, edited volumes and handbooks devoted to the above subject areas.