Building Research: Design, Construction and Technologies

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2017 - 2017

About this series

Building Research: Design, Construction and Technologies brings together knowledge from civil engineering and architecture to make an interdisciplinary analysis of a recognized building/project or a building construction research. In each volume, the topic is a building or an aspect of a building that catalyzes the contributions of invited authors in their fields of specialization, with professional and academic backgrounds. To make the bridge between the scientific research and the construction site problems a parallel reading of the working development and the technological issues raised by that construction problem are presented. Authors, architects and engineers are interviewed and analyze the different projects in distinct stages, from concept to construction drawings, following the development of the building’s design and construction process. The series treats topics such as building technology, construction management, acoustics, maintenance, prefabrication, amongst others. As a complementary objective, authors with different backgrounds: Engineers and Architects, Researchers and Designers are invited to to contribute to the understanding of specific buildings through the analysis of those issues that influenced the development of the design or that appeared during the construction or the facility management phases. Book proposals can be sent to the Series Editor, Dr. Barbara Rangel