Frontiers of Biomechanics


Biomechanics is a rapidly expanding field that focuses on exploring the mechanics of structure–-function relationships underlying the functionality of living systems with the aim of gaining insights for medical applications. The field cuts across different diverse disciplines: physics, biology, medicine, mechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering, and incorporates principles and concepts from these fields in the study of living systems and their dynamics. A major objective of this series is to pioneer new frontiers of biomechanics by including concepts and ideas from new research frontiers yet to be addressed within the existing paradigm of biomechanics. The series highlights the role of mechanics in the realization of multicomponent and hierarchical interactions that characterize living systems, based on the context of open systems. The series also presents in-depth coverage of cutting-edge research in frontiers of biomechanics that explores fundamental concepts of what constitutes life, based on mechanics as an entity of energy principles and information science. It is hoped that this series will develop as an open system (analogous to living systems) that is admissible of future research dynamics and expansion in the field of biomechanics.