Mobile Communication in Asia: Local Insights, Global Implications

Book Series
There are 5 volumes in this series
Published 2016 - 2020

About this series

This Book Series thoroughly canvases the research community that studies the social impact of mobile communication in Asia, bringing to the forefront research that has not attained a sufficiently international profile. Currently, this research community can be broadly divided into scholars within and outside of Asia who work on Asia and publish in English and Asian scholars who work in Asia and publish in their native languages. While the work of former gains natural exposure and traction given the Anglophone bent of the international academic fraternity, research output of the latter group of scholars is disseminated and consumed within narrower domestic realms. Yet, the culturally-specific and idiosyncratic ways in which mobile communication is appropriated privileges local perspectives with rich insights that can enhance the global conversation on mobile communication and its social impact. This series thus reaches out to the second group, translating their work into English and in formats that reach the highest international standards of academic rigour.