Educational Governance Research

Book Series
There are 16 volumes in this series
Published 2014 - 2021

About this series

This series presents recent insights in educational governance gained from research that focuses on the interplay between educational institutions and societies and markets. Education is not an isolated sector. Educational institutions at all levels are embedded in and connected to international, national and local societies and markets. One needs to understand governance relations and the changes that occur if one is to understand the frameworks, expectations, practice, room for manoeuvre, and the relations between professionals, public, policy makers and market place actors. The aim of this series is to address issues related to structures and discourses by which authority is exercised in an accessible manner. It will present findings on a variety of types of educational governance: public, political and administrative, as well as private, market place and self-governance. International and multidisciplinary in scope, the series will cover the subject area from both a worldwide and local perspective and will describe educational governance as it is practised in all parts of the world and in all sectors: state, market, and NGOs. 
The series: 
- Covers a broad range of topics and power domains  
- Positions itself in a field between politics and management / leadership 
- Provides a platform for the vivid field of educational governance research 
- Looks into ways in which authority is transformed within chains of educational governance  
- Uncovers relations between state, private sector and market place influences on education, professionals and students.

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