Advances in Olericulture

Book Series
There is 1 volume in this series
Published 2017 - 2017

About this series

The book series Advances in Olericulture provides a state-of-the-art account of research in olericulture, the applied life science of production and utilization of vegetable crops. The series focuses on various aspects of vegetable science and technology covering primarily but not exclusively species where the vegetative organ is the economically important component. The series of books spans current topics from sustainable fertilization to organic production; from open field cultivation to advanced soilless growing techniques; from vegetable seed and seedling physiology to vegetable quality and safety; from environmental stresses to phyllosphere communities interaction with vegetables; from postharvest biology and technology to minimally processing of vegetables. The series is designed to present the most advanced scientific information available linking basic and applied research for serving olericulturists, research workers, teachers and advanced students.