New Frontiers in Translation Studies

Book Series
There are 16 volumes in this series
Published 2015 - 2019

About this series

Translation Studies as a discipline has witnessed the fastest growth in the last 40 years. With translation becoming increasingly more important in today’s glocalized world, some have even observed a general translational turn in humanities in recent years. The New Frontiers in Translation Studies aims to capture the newest developments in translation studies, with a focus on:

  • Translation Studies research methodology, an area of growing interest amongst translation students and teachers;  
  • Data-based empirical translation studies, a strong point of growth for the discipline because of the scientific nature of the quantitative and/or qualitative methods adopted in the investigations; and 
  • Asian translation thoughts and theories, to complement the current Eurocentric translation studies.  

The editor welcomes book proposals from experienced scholars as well as young aspiring researchers. Please send a short description of 500 words to the editor Prof. DeFeng Li at