Research in Networked Learning

Book Series
There are 7 volumes in this series
Published 2014 - 2020

About this series

The field of Networked Learning has been emerging as an exciting and innovative area of work since the 1990’s. It now includes a very active community of senior researchers investigating the nexus between the use of technology in higher education, and its underpinning theory, practice and pedagogy. Networked Learning is generally restricted to learning that is mediated by digital and social media that support user connectivity, interaction and content generation. Like CSCL it has a strong interest in collaborative learning but networked learning implies a greater concentration on remote rather than face-to-face collaborations. Networked Learning literature also emphasizes more collaborations involving medium to large numbers rather than dyads or very small groups. However Networked Learning is not restricted to collaborative learning nor is it restricted to the strong links that terms like cooperation, collaboration and community imply. Rather the theory and pedagogy of networked learning is more concerned with developing approaches to learning that encourage and support learners to be critical and ethically responsible citizens in both their practice and lives. The Research in Networked Learning book series is likely to appeal to and be purchased by a diverse core audience to include:

Researchers and students in technology enhanced learning (TEL), networked learning, e-learning and educational design and pedagogy, and practitioners, managers or decision makers in higher education and public and private sector organizations.

Specifically, it will prove invaluable to these groups because:
*The books will provide up-to-date research findings on networked learning/technology enhanced learning
*From authors around the globe 
*The major focus is on learning and pedagogy, and not just on the technology, thus making the books attractive to a wide audience 
*The rigorous international peer review of each chapter accords with expectations of the research community, signaling to readers that they can rely on the quality of the publication  

The series is supported by the international Networked Learning Conference. The innovative, and level of work produced at the conference and by scholars in this domain makes this a very exciting and dynamic series.

Do you have an idea for a book on research in Networked Learning? Please contact the editors: Nina Bonderup Dohn / Maarten de Laat / Thomas Ryberg