Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering

Book Series
There are 19 volumes in this series
Published 2014 - 2019

About this series

This bookseries provides a means for the dissemination of current theoretical and applied research in the areas of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management. The latest methodological and computational advances that both researchers and practitioners can widely apply to solve new and classical problems in industries and organizations constitute a growing source of publications written for and by our readership. The aim of this bookseries is to facilitate the dissemination of current research in the following topics: • Strategy and Enterpreneurship • Operations Research, Modelling and Simulation • Logistics, Production and Information Systems • Quality Management • Product Management • Sustainability and Ecoefficiency • Industrial Marketing and Consumer Behavior • Knowledge and Project Management • Risk Management • Service Systems • Healthcare Management • Human Factors and Ergonomics • Emergencies and Disaster Management • Education