Studies in European Economic Law and Regulation

Book Series
There are 18 volumes in this series
Published 2014 - 2020

About this series

This series is devoted to the analysis of European Economic Law. The series’ scope covers a broad range of topics within economics law including, but not limited to, the relationship between EU law and WTO law; free movement under EU law and its impact on fundamental rights; antitrust law; trade law; unfair competition law; financial market law; consumer law; food law; and health law. These subjects are approached both from doctrinal and interdisciplinary perspectives.

The series accepts monographs focusing on a specific topic, as well as edited collections of articles covering a specific theme or collections of articles. All contributions are subject to rigorous double-blind peer-review.

We aim to make a first decision within 1 month of submission. In case of a positive first decision, authors/editors will be invited to submit a manuscript which will undergo a double blind peer review process. The final decision on publication will depend upon the result of the anonymous peer review of the complete manuscript. We aim to have the complete work peer-reviewed within 3 months of the submission of the manuscript.

Proposals should include:
• A short synopsis of the work or the introduction chapter
• The proposed Table of Contents
• CV of the lead author(s)
• List of courses for possible course adoption

Submission of manuscript
• Submit two versions of manuscript - 1 blinded (for peer review), 1 un-blinded

The series discourages the submission of manuscripts that are below 85,000 words in length.

For inquiries and submissions of proposals, authors can contact