Early Mathematics Learning and Development

Book Series
There are 5 volumes in this series
Published 2015 - 2018

About this series

This series provides international educators and researchers with a platform with which to discuss the active fields of childhood learning and mathematics learning. The series looks to answer questions such as what constitutes mathematics learning in the prior-to-school and the early school years, what innovative early mathematics programs are being implemented around the globe, what is the role of play in early mathematics learning and many others. It will explore in detail many perspectives including, but not limited to, research, curriculum development, and policy issues. Together, the collection of volumes spans a broad range of issues that extends beyond just mathematics education. This series is aimed at university researchers, curriculum developers, policy makers, educational organizations, early childcare professionals, and parental associations.

  • • The first series to target the field of early mathematics learning;
  • • A significant and welcome outlet for academics in the field;
  • • Brings together experts from all over the world; and
  • • Will contribute to improved early mathematics learning.
Book proposals for this series may be submitted to the Editor: Lyn English l.english@qut.edu.au or the Publishing Editor: Nick Melchior. e-mail: nick.melchior@springer.com