Lecture Notes in Logistics

Book Series
There are 25 volumes in this series
Published 2013 - 2021

About this series

Lecture Notes in Logistics (LNL) is a book series that reports the latest research and developments in Logistics, comprising:

  • supply chain management
  • transportation logistics
  • intralogistics
  • production logistics
  • distribution systems
  • inventory management
  • operations management
  • logistics network design
  • factory planning
  • material flow systems
  • physical internet
  • warehouse management systems
  • maritime logistics
  • aviation logistics
  • multimodal transport
  • reverse logistics
  • waste disposal logistics
  • storage systems
  • logistics IT

LNL publishes authored conference proceedings, contributed volumes and authored monographs that present cutting-edge research information as well as new perspectives on classical fields, while maintaining Springer's high standards of excellence, the content is peer reviewed. Also considered for publication are lecture notes and other related material of exceptionally high quality and interest. The subject matter should be original and timely, reporting the latest research and developments in all areas of logistics. The target audience of LNL consists of advanced level students, researchers, as well as industry professionals working at the forefront of their fields. Much like Springer's other Lecture Notes series, LNL will be distributed through Springer's print and electronic publishing channels.

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