Greening of Industry Networks Studies

Book Series
There are 7 volumes in this series
Published 2012 - 2019

About this series

The Series aims to improve our understanding of how shifts in industrial regimes, trade, and technology are creating significant environmental and social impacts and inequities around the world; but also opportunities for sustainable economic growth. The series will endeavor to develop knowledge and transform practice to accelerate a paradigm change toward a sustainable society across disciplines, geography, and sectors. As such, the series will be an integral part of GIN-3D (Greening of Industry Network Third Decade) strategy. The trajectory began a couple decades ago and is still evolving. Books in the series will help document this trajectory as well as point it in the appropriate direction, thus we welcome all contributions from scholars– GIN members and non-GIN members- working to steer the transition to a better, green and just future.