Biophysics for the Life Sciences

Book Series
There are 6 volumes in this series
Published 2013 - 2014

About this series

Over the past several decades, the scope, accessibility, impact, and relevance of biophysics to many different areas of inquiry have grown tremendously, as a result of major conceptual advances and the development of powerful new analytical, computational, genomic, and imaging methods. These advances enable us, for example, to visualize the three-dimensional structures and dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids at atomic resolution, analyze the physical properties of single molecules, monitor processes within living cells at high resolution, identify individual molecules within complex biological samples, and define the complex network of interactions that regulate cellular function. The results of these studies are intrinsically beautiful and intellectually compelling. Equally importantly, they yield insights into plant, animal, and human inheritance, development, physiology, health, and disease – all of which can lead to major advances in our quality of life. As a result of these changes, students; scientists trained in other disciplines; clinicians; members of the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries; and the general public increasingly have a need or desire to learn about biophysics. The scope of the series will encompass molecular, cellular, and organismal biophysics, and will emphasize the relationships between structure, function, energetic, dynamics, and mechanism. Each volume will consist of up-to-date and comprehensive reviews of research sub-areas covered by the volume, and will include reviews of relevant experimental, computational, and bioinformatics approaches.