Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications

Book Series
There are 23 volumes in this series
Published 2013 - 2020

About this series

The modelling and simulation community extends over a range of diverse disciplines and this landscape continues to expand at an impressive rate. Modelling and simulation is fundamentally a computational tool which has an established record of significantly enhancing the understanding of dynamic system behaviour on one hand, and the system design process on the other. Its relevance is unconstrained by discipline boundaries. Furthermore, the ever-increasing availability of computational power makes feasible applications that were previously beyond consideration.

Simulation Foundations, Methods and Applications hosts high-quality contributions that address the various facets of the modelling and simulation enterprise. These range from fundamental concepts that are strengthening the foundation of the discipline to the exploration of advances and emerging developments in the expanding landscape of application areas. The underlying intent is to facilitate and promote the sharing of creative ideas across discipline boundaries. The readership will include senior undergraduate and graduate students, modelling and simulation professionals and research workers.

Inasmuch as a model development phase is a prerequisite for any simulation study, there is an expectation that modelling issues will be appropriately addressed in each presentation. Incorporation of case studies and simulation results will be strongly encouraged.

Titles can span a variety of product types, including but not exclusively, textbooks, expository monographs, contributed volumes, research monographs, professional texts, guidebooks and other references.

These books will appeal, varyingly, to senior undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers in any of a host of disciplines where modelling and simuation has become (or is becoming) a basic problem-solving tool. Some titles will also directly appeal to modelling and simulation professionals and practitioners.