Lecture Notes on Mathematical Modelling in the Life Sciences

Book Series
There are 15 volumes in this series
Published 2013 - 2021

About this series

The rapid pace and development of new methods and techniques in mathematics and in biology and medicine creates a natural demand for up-to-date, readable, possibly short  lecture notes covering the breadth and depth of mathematical modelling, mathematical analysis and numerical computations in the life sciences, at a high scientific level.

The volumes in this series are written in a style accessible to graduate students. Besides monographs, we envision the series to also provide an outlet for material less formally presented and more anticipatory of future needs due to novel and exciting biomedical applications and mathematical methodologies.

The topics in LMML range from the molecular level through the organismal to the population level, e.g. gene sequencing, protein dynamics, cell biology, developmental biology, genetic and neural networks, organogenesis, tissue mechanics, bioengineering and hemodynamics, infectious diseases, mathematical epidemiology and population dynamics.

Mathematical methods include dynamical systems, partial differential equations, optimal control, statistical mechanics and stochastics, numerical analysis, scientific computing and machine learning, combinatorics, algebra, topology and geometry, etc., which are indispensable for a deeper understanding of biological and medical problems.

Wherever feasible, numerical codes must be made accessible.

Founding Editors:

Michael C. Mackey, McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada

Angela Stevens, University of Münster, Münster, Germany