T-Labs Series in Telecommunication Services

Book Series
There are 38 volumes in this series
Published 2011 - 2021

About this series

It is the aim of the Springer Series in Telecommunication Services to foster an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge addressing all topics which are essential for developing high-quality and highly usable telecommunication services. This includes basic concepts of underlying technologies, distribution networks, architectures and platforms for service design, deployment and adaptation, as well as the users’ perception of telecommunication services. By taking a vertical perspective over all these steps, we aim to provide the scientific bases for the development and continuous evaluation of innovative services which provide a better value for their users. In fact, the human-centric design of high-quality telecommunication services – the so called “quality engineering” – forms an essential topic of this series, as it will ultimately lead to better user experience and acceptance. The series is directed towards both scientists and practitioners from all related disciplines and industries.
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