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Vacant to Vibrant

Creating Successful Green Infrastructure Networks


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About this book


"Liberally illustrated with schematics and photographs of stormwater parks, Vacant to Vibrant is the perfect tool for educating planners and policymakers who are in positions to effect change and foster the replication of the approach anywhere that has vacant land that can be put to better use."

Civil Engineering

"Vacant to Vibrant provides a blueprint for adaptive reuse of vacant land that permeates many US cities. It provides a refreshing view of not jut successful projects, but also of the challenges faced in planning, building and maintaining formerly vacant land to support recreation, stormwater management, habitat, beauty and neighborhood identity."
Michelle Kondo, Scientist, Urban Forests, Human Health, and Environmental Quality, USDA Forest Service

"Vacant to Vibrant is a timely contribution to addressing the challenges of repurposing vacant land. The low-cost strategies that also engage stakeholders in the design process offers replicable real-world examples that can have real impact."
Mark Lindquist, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan

"Sandra Albo's book provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to revitalize communities from the ground up, starting with the potential of vacant lots. By capturing details and lessons learned of how communities are rebuilding after decades of economic and environmental decline, this book addresses and translates complex problems, from water infrastructure to social justice, for anyone looking to replicate these successes."
Jill Jedlicka, Executive Director and Waterkeeper, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

"The citizens of Gary, IN owe a debt of gratitude to Sandra Albo and the Vacant to Vibrant project for helping solve the practical problem of stormwater runoff while helping our residents to reimagine their neighborhoods. This work will have a positive impact in our city for generations to come, and this book will make it possible in many other communities."
Karen Freeman-Wilson, Mayor of Gary, Indiana


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  1. 1.Holden Forests & GardensClevelandUSA

About the authors

Sandra Albro, research associate at Holden Forests & Gardens, investigates how improving soil and plants can boost the ecological and social value of vacant lots in Great Lakes cities. She is project manager for two projects that test low-cost, low-maintenance urban greening projects that manage stormwater and revitalize communities in Gary, IN; Cleveland, OH; and Buffalo, NY. Ms. Albro also serves as co-chair for the Cleveland Tree Coalition, a group of more than 40 businesses, organizations, and branches of local government that are working together to implement the Cleveland Tree Plan; and is a board member on the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership.

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