Proceedings of the Xth International Scientific Congress in fur animal production

Scientifur volume 36 (3/4)

  • Editors
  • P. F. Larsen
  • S. H. Møller
  • T. Clausen
  • A. S. Hammer
  • T. M. Lássen
  • V. H. Nielsen
  • A. H. Tauson
  • L. L. Jeppesen
  • S. W. Hansen
  • J. Elnif
  • J. Malmkvist
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-15
  2. Nutrition, feeding and management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 17-17
    2. Ø. Ahlstrøm, M. Tjernsbekk, A-H. Tauson
      Pages 19-24
    3. T. N. Clausen, T. M. Lassén, P. F. Larsen
      Pages 47-53
    4. B. K. Hansen, K. Gautason, M. Sønderup, H. Bækgaard
      Pages 63-68
    5. E. L. Krogh Mortensen, T. Wang, H. Malte, D. Raubenheimer, D. Mayntz
      Pages 69-77
    6. V. H. Lund, J. Malmkvist
      Pages 78-83
    7. A. E. Kokorina, O. Yu. Bespyatykh, T. V. Tebenkova
      Pages 84-86
    8. D. J. Tomlinson, N. Koskinen, T. L. Ward
      Pages 87-90
    9. M. Schulin-Zeuthen, P. F. Larsen
      Pages 97-102
    10. J. De Rond, F. C. Kleyn Van Willigen
      Pages 103-105
    11. F. Silvenius, N. Koskinen, S. Kurppa, T. Rekilä, J. Sepponen, H. Hyvärinen
      Pages 106-111
    12. M. S. Hedemann, B. M. Damgaard, T. N. Clausen, P. F. Larsen
      Pages 121-127
  3. Health and disease

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 129-129
    2. S. K. Cross, A. H. Farid, I. Hussain
      Pages 131-133
    3. A. S. Hammer, K. Ullman, T. H. Jensen, K. O. Hedlund, G. Czifra, H. H. Dietz et al.
      Pages 146-152
    4. L. E. Larsen, S. Ø. Breum, R. Trebbien, K. Bradstad, L. P. Nielsen, M. Chriél et al.
      Pages 153-156
    5. M. Chriél, J. F. Harslund, T. H. Jensen, E. Jakobsen, A. S. Hammer, A. M. Lassen-Nielsen
      Pages 165-171
    6. O. Yu. Bespyatykh, A. E. Kokorina, T. V. Tebenkova, I. A. Domskiy, Z. N. Beltyukova
      Pages 172-176
    7. I. A. Plotnikov
      Pages 177-179
    8. F. C. Kleyn van Willigen, R. Dijkman
      Pages 180-185
    9. M. Chriél, T. H. Jensen, C. Hjulsager, L. E. Larsen, P. H. Jørgensen, J. Le Févre Harslund et al.
      Pages 186-189
    10. D. Zhuravlev, M. Perevozchikova, I. Domsky, Y. Berezina
      Pages 194-195
  4. Breeding, genetics and reproduction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 207-207
    2. R. Anistoroaei, K. Christensen, B. Benkel
      Pages 209-215
    3. J. P. Thirstrup, R. M. Anistoroaei, B. Guldbrandtsen, R. S. Labouriau, K. Christensen, M. Fredholm et al.
      Pages 216-222
    4. S. W. Alemu, P. Bijma, P. Berg
      Pages 240-245
    5. R. Kempe, T. Köykkä, N. Koskinen, I. Strandén
      Pages 253-260
    6. M. Brzozowski, B. Maćkowiak-Kondrak, R. Głogowski
      Pages 267-269
    7. L. Tinggaard, T. N. Clausen, P. F. Larsen
      Pages 270-274
    8. M. Zatoń-Dobrowolska, M. Moska, H. Wierzbicki, P. Przysiecki, A. Mucha
      Pages 275-279
    9. J. De Rond, F. C. Kleyn van Willigen
      Pages 280-285
    10. O. V. Trapezov, L. I. Trapezova, T. A. Alekhina, D. V. Klochkov, Yu. N. Ivanov
      Pages 294-299
    11. N. S. Yudin, R. B. Aitnazarov, I. V. Kulikov, E. V. Ignatieva, O. V. Trapezov
      Pages 300-304

About these proceedings


These proceedings present the latest achievements and developments within the scientific community of fur animal research organised by the International Fur Animal Scientific Association (IFASA). The book contains papers on the following topics: nutrition, feeding and management, health and disease, breeding, genetics and reproduction, behaviour and welfare and a theme on 'WelFur for mink and foxes'. The scientific results presented do not only come from traditional mink producing countries, but also from countries with more recent developments in fur animal production.

The scientific community in the field of fur animal production is small, but the biologic diversity and thus the need for scientifically based knowledge in this area is similar to, or often exceeds, that of other farm animals. In this book, the most diverse and recent advancements in fur animal production were brought together in order to provide a clear overview for all those involved in the fur animal industry.


Fur Animal Production

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