Animal farming and environmental interactions in the Mediterranean region

  • Editors
  • I. Casasús
  • J. Rogošiç
  • A. Rosati
  • I. Štokoviç
  • D. Gabiña

Part of the EAAP – European Federation of Animal Sciences book series (EAAP, volume 131)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages 1-11
  2. Animal-environment interaction

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 13-13
    2. P. Ajmone Marsan, L. Colli, E. L. Nicolazzi, R. Negrini, M. Zjalic, A. Rosati
      Pages 15-22
    3. A. McLaren, N. R. Lambe, S. Brotherstone, R. Mrode, J. Conington, L. Bünger
      Pages 23-31
    4. J. Rogosic, T. Saric, J. A. Pfister, M. Borina
      Pages 45-56
    5. F. Sanz, G. Montalvo, A. L. López, C. Piñeiro, M. Bigeriego, M. J. Sanz
      Pages 57-61
    6. D. Skobic, J. Rogosic, S. Stanic-Kostroman, L. Knezovic
      Pages 63-66
    7. V. Gantner, P. Mijić, S. Jovanovac, N. Raguž, T. Bobić, K. Kuterovac
      Pages 71-78
  3. Environmental impact of human activities on livestock systems

  4. Environmentally sustainable livestock production

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 127-127
    2. B. Díez-Unquera, R. Ripoll-Bosch, R. Ruiz, D. Villalba, E. Molina, M. Joy et al.
      Pages 129-137
    3. P. C. Garnsworthy
      Pages 139-143
    4. M. Zan Lotric, A. Salehar, D. Kompan
      Pages 157-160
    5. L. Giuliotti, C. Bibbiani, L. Sestini, N. Benvenuti
      Pages 161-167
    6. M. N. Benvenuti, F. Pisseri, B. M. Azzarello, G. Terracciano, S. Stefanelli, R. Cavallina et al.
      Pages 169-176
    7. A. Cividini, D. Kompan, M. Čepon, S. Žgur
      Pages 177-186
    8. S. Zjalic, M. Reverberi, A. Ricelli, M. Scarpari, A. A. Fabbri, C. Fanelli
      Pages 187-198
  5. Interaction animal-water in aquaculture

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 199-199
    2. F. Pedonese, R. Nuvoloni, F. Forzale, F. Fratini, S. Evangelisti, C. D’Ascenzi et al.
      Pages 205-209
  6. Management and production issues of Mediterranean farming systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 211-211
    2. A. Ivanković, B. Mioč, Z. Barać, I. Štoković, P. Mijić, I. Jakopović
      Pages 213-221
    3. M. Dattena, I. Mayorga, L. Mara, M. Gallus, G. Meloni, A. Cabiddu et al.
      Pages 223-227
    4. J. Ramljak, A. Ivanković, N. Kelava, M. Baban, I. Štulina
      Pages 255-260
    5. M. Planinc, M. Kovač, Š. Malovrh
      Pages 261-266
    6. M. N. Benvenuti, V. Berrugi, C. Pasqua, M. Bagliacca
      Pages 267-273
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 275-276

About this book


Livestock production systems are the result of an interaction between domestic animals and the environment, modulated by man, that dates back to Neolithic times. As a consequence of this interaction among the wide diversity of animal resources, natural habitats and population needs, very different farming systems have developed across the Mediterranean Basin. Understanding the mechanisms and effects of these relationships is key to design the farming systems best adapted to each condition, guaranteeing an adequate balance between target animal production and environmental outcomes provided by these systems. This is indeed a multidimensional topic, influenced by animal genetics, feeding resources, flock management, and economic and social aspects inside and outside the household. Therefore, this book focuses on the basis of the animal-environment interactions and the impact of human activities on the type and magnitude of these interactions. In this context, the issue of sustainability of livestock production is evaluated considering economic, social and environmental aspects. This book contributes to upgrade the state of the art in Mediterranean conditions, providing indicators and procedures of application across a wide range of systems, and hence of interest for researchers, students and professionals concerned with livestock production and the environment.


Animal farming Environmental interactions Mediterranean region

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