Dermatology Skills for Primary Care

An Illustrated Guide

  • Daniel J. Trozak
  • Dan J. Tennenhouse
  • John J. Russell

Part of the Current Clinical Practice book series (CCP)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Basic Skills

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Pages 3-6
    3. Pages 37-46
    4. Back Matter
      Pages 47-47
  3. Papular, Papulosquamous, and Papulo-Vesicular Skin Lesions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 49-49
    2. Pages 77-82
    3. Pages 83-91
    4. Pages 93-100
    5. Pages 105-111
    6. Back Matter
      Pages 113-114
  4. Epidermal, Dermal, and Epidermal/Dermal Lesions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 115-115
    2. Pages 117-120
    3. Pages 147-151
    4. Pages 153-159
    5. Pages 161-168
    6. Back Matter
      Pages 169-171
  5. Epidermal and Dermal Lesions, Eczematous Lesions, and Atrophies

  6. Pigmented, Pre-Malignant, and Common Malignant Skin Lesions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 233-233
    2. Pages 241-243
    3. Pages 245-249
    4. Pages 251-270
    5. Pages 271-286
    6. Pages 299-310
    7. Back Matter
      Pages 311-313
  7. Vesiculo-Bullous and Papulo-Pustular Disorders

About this book


Dermatological clinical skills, unlike the diagnostic skills in other branches of medicine, are generally neglected in medical schools and take a long time to master, even though skin problems comprise 20-30% of primary care visits. In Dermatology Skills for Primary Care: An Illustrated Guide, a widely experienced dermatologist (Dr. Trozak) and two family physicians (Drs. Tennenhouse and Russell) seek to correct this deficiency by teaching the basic diagnostic and therapeutic skills used by dermatologists and demonstrating their application in daily practice. Using extensive illustrations and an excellent library of color photographs, the authors provide an overview of basic skills and cover 33 common dermatological conditions encountered by primary care clinicians every day. Writing in a simple, logical style clearly understandable to the nondermatologist, they discuss the full range of dermatological disorders, such as dimple warts, rosacea, scabies, erythrasma, epidermal/dermal lesions, freckles, moles, malignant melanoma, common skin cancers, shingles, acne, and atopic dermatitis, among others.
Up to date and comprehensive, Dermatology Skills for Primary Care: An Illustrated Guide offers clinicians an authoritative and easy-to-use resource that will not only improve basic dermatological skills, but will also provide the broader foundation clinicians need when managing troubling skin disorders.


Erysipel Herpes simplex Impetigo Rosacea Urticaria

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  • Daniel J. Trozak
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  • Dan J. Tennenhouse
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  • John J. Russell
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  1. 1.Private Practice of DermatologyModesto
  2. 2.University of California-San Francisco Medical CenterSan Francisco
  3. 3.Abington Memorial HospitalAbington
  4. 4.Temple University School of MedicinePhiladelphia

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