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Retirement on the Rocks

Why Americans Can’t Get Ahead and How New Savings Policies Can Help

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  • Weller is a frequent talking head on national broadcast and television news, including CNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, Bloomberg; radio interviews, including the Diane Rehm show, NPR's On Point, NPR's Market Place, and many others. He has been cited as an expert in including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, NewsWeek, USA Today, the Boston Globe

  • Weller is senior Fellow at the Center for American progress, a highly regarded think tank for domestic economic issues, that carries brand name recognition

  • Weller diagnoses the reasons why the middle class is shrinking in the US and what to do about it. It's an issue that will be central in the 2016 campaign as presidential hopefuls compete to convince the American public they can bring back the middle class. We will be pushing this as a publicity title in that period


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Jobs and wages have become less secure over the past thirty years, while stock and housing markets have gone through greater booms and busts at the same time. These factors alone make saving for retirement difficult, but a number of policy changes have also increasingly exposed household to these risks, making saving more difficult and more uncertain. Social Security offers fewer protections because of an increasing retirement age, and employees receive less help from their employers than in the past. More people have to figure out complex "do-it-yourself" savings options while those who least need to save, because they have little risk exposure, tend to receive the greatest tax breaks for saving. The results have been fewer retirement savings, more uncertainty, and a direr outlook for a secure retirement for most Americans. Since savings are low and risk exposure is high because of past policy shortcomings, this book offers straightforward solutions to build real retirement security for American families.


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Christian E. Weller is Professor of Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston, USA, and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, USA. He is a prolific author with well over 100 journal articles, edited volumes, book chapters, book reviews, and other publications, in addition to numerous policy reports and briefs. He serves on several editorial boards and is a past member of the executive boards of the Eastern Economic Association and the Labor and Employment Relations Association.

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