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Submission and Subjection in Leviathan: Good Subjects in the Hobbesian Commonwealth


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Leviathan invests the sovereign with nearly absolute power, and that vast sovereign has drawn the reader's eye for 350 years. Yet Hobbes has much to say about subjects as well, and he articulates a normative conception of a good subject.


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About the authors

Michael Byron is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, where he has held an appointment since 1997. He is the editor of Satisficing and Maximizing: Moral Theorists on Practical Reason (2004), the co- author (with Deborah Barnbaum) of Research Ethics: Text and Readings (2001), and the author of numerous journal articles in normative ethical theory, metaethics, and theory of rationality.

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"An insightful book that challenges the widespread claim that Hobbesian subjects obey the sovereign out of fear of punishment. Instead, Michael Byron convincingly develops the idea that for Hobbes good subjects obey the law 'sincerely from the heart'. An important contribution to the philosophical literature on Hobbes's political theory." - Luciano Venezia, National University of Quilmes, Argentina