Nietzsche’s Dynamic Metapsychology

This Uncanny Animal

  • Rex Welshon

Part of the New Directions in Philosophy and Cognitive Science book series (NDPCS)

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About this book


An analysis and assessment of Nietzsche's metapsychology. Nietzsche is neither a dualist nor a physical reductionist about the mind. Instead, he is best interpreted as thinking that the mind is embodied and embedded in a larger natural and social environment with which it is dynamically engaged.


Affective character Causal exclusion Cognition Consciousness Downward causation Drives Dynamicism Embedded mind Embodied mind Emergence Emergentism Epiphenomenalism Falsification Thesis Higher order consciousness Intention Metapsychology Naturalism Nietzsche Overdetermination Perception consciousness Embodiment Friedrich Nietzsche mind

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