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London’s Criminal Underworlds, c. 1720–c. 1930

A Social and Cultural History


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This book offers an original and exciting analysis of the concept of the criminal underworld. Print culture, policing and law enforcement, criminal networks, space and territory are explored here through a series of case studies taken from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


Criminal underworld organised crime prostitution robbery pick-pockets gangs gang crime street crime history of crime Old Bailey racecourse wars gangster long-firm fraud policing informing Case Studies concept crime cultural history culture history history of literature law space

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  1. 1.Leeds Beckett UniversityUK

About the authors

Heather Shore is a Reader in History at Leeds Beckett University, UK. She is the author of Artful Dodgers: Youth and Crime in Early Nineteenth Century London (1999) and has co-edited two books, with Pamela Cox, Becoming Delinquent: British and European Youth, 1650–1950 (2002) and with Tim Hitchcock, The Streets of London: From the Great Fire to the Great Exhibition (2003).

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