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Management and Myths

Challenging business fads, fallacies and fashions

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About this book


This book takes a very critical look at management fads and fashions and shows that many do not stand up to scrutiny. It is believed for example that coaching is successful. What is the evidence for this? Selection procedures at interviews result in the right candidate being selected. Again what is the evidence? The author shows that many fads and fashions in management are short lived and based upon flimsy evidence, yet enjoy a period of support. His book will be an important tool for managers who want to understand the substance and rigour or lack of it associated with modern management ideas and concepts.


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About the authors

ADRIAN FURNHAM is Professor of Psychology at University College London. He is on the Editorial Board of a number of Journals and has received many awards and was recognized as the most productive psychologist in the world from 1980-1989. He is the author of more than 35 books, many of which have been translated into a number of languages, and including successful popular management books. He also acts as a consultant to a number of bodies including H.M. Government, the Atomic Energy Authority, Channel 4, BP and a number of multinational corporations.

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'...Furnham always has something interesting to say.' - Internetworks

'It's always the sign of a good book if it challenges your own conventional wisdom, or you find yourself nodding in agreement as someone at last expresses what you've long thought might be the case! Written with humour and wit, and a totally accessible style, Furnham's book is likely to be an eye-opener, so take time out from a 'must read' and enjoy a 'good read'.' - PM4success, Project Management Journal