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Latino Education in the United States

A Narrated History from 1513–2000

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About this book


Winner of a 2005 Critics Choice Award fromThe American Educational Studies Association, this is a groundbreaking collection of oral histories, letters, interviews, and governmental reports related to the history of Latino education in the US. Victoria-María MacDonald examines the intersection of history, Latino culture, and education while simultaneously encouraging undergraduates and graduate students to reexamine their relationship to the world of education and their own histories.


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About the authors

VICTORIA-MARÍA MACDONALD is Assistant Professor of History and Philosophy of Education, Department of Educational Foundations and Policy Studies, at Florida State University. She is the author of The Transformation of Schooling in the Urban South, and she is also the coordinator of The History of Hispanic American Education Project.

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"Latino Education in U.S. History is in a class by itself. No other publication in the field of Latino education to date covers such much ground, addresses some many key themes, and is so representative of regional and group issues. MacDonald should be commended for providing a broad sample of documents - letters, manifestos, reports, legal briefs, fiction, photographs, and newspaper clippings - and a solid chronological and thematic structure to capture the diversity, complexity and rich history of Latino educational issues in the U.S." - Felix V. Matos Rodriguez, Ph.D. Director Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños Hunter College

"A stellar documentary history in every respect. Thought-provoking and vibrant, this definitive reference work is essential reading for anyone interested in Latino education, past, present, and future." - Vicki L. Ruiz, Professor of History and Chicano Latino Studies, University of California, Irvine

"Comprehensive, fascinating and insightful...MacDonald's study is well-written, richly documented, and superbly organized to illuminate the major events, issues, and educational experiences of diverse groups of Latinos and Latinas during the past five centuries. It significantly broadens our knowledge and understanding...This will definitely set a new standard for the history of education in general and for the history of Latino education in the U.S. in particular." - Guadalupe San Miguel Jr., Professor of History, University of Houston

"MacDonald has put together an impressive and groundbreaking volume that achieves two purposes. Her book provides the most comprehensive outline of the history of the Latino educational experience to date. And MacDonald's well-chosen collection of documents provides all interested students and historians with an excellent starting point for study and further research." History of Education

"MacDonald is exceptional in laying the historical cornerstone of today's issues revolving around the education of Latinos in the United States. As the current debates over Arizona's House Bill (HB) 1108, immigration, educational and language policies, and affirmative action loom, Latino Education in the United States serves as a beacon that illuminates across educational disciplines. Those in the field of linguistics may find this work to be beneficial for studying the origin of language policy, bilingual education, and the colonization of language. Others in multicultural education, Latino studies, law, and history will benefit from the accumulated information and multi-chronological themes in this empowering and enlightening literature." Journal of Latinos and Education