Haitian-Dominican Counterpoint

Nation, State, and Race on Hispaniola

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  • Eugenio Matibag

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    Pages 111-137
  7. Eugenio Matibag
    Pages 139-162
  8. Eugenio Matibag
    Pages 187-215
  9. Back Matter
    Pages 217-269

About this book


What would the island of Hispaniola look like if viewed as a loosely connected system? That is the question Haitian-Dominican Counterpointseeks to answer as it surveys the insular space shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic throughout their parallel histories. For beneath the familiar tale of hostilities, the systemic perspective reveals a lesser-known, "unitarian" narrative of interdependencies and reciprocal influences shaping each country'sidentity. In view of the sociocultural and economic linkages connecting the two countries, their relations would have to resemble not so much acockfight (the conventional metaphor) as a serial and polyrhythmic counterpoint.


dictatorship identity system

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